Tuesday, October 28, 2008


im depressed. no one has asked me to the halloween dance.

although it's not really a suprise.

no, really, i'll be fine.

yes! happiness is almost upon me!

ok so im about to leave
and get....my hair cut shoulder-length! and im going to get purple highlights can't wait!!!!
i am actually happy right now, even though i just slogged through a couple hours of hw

it's unnatural

Monday, October 20, 2008


God, I want to get my hair cut short. I just got it cut, but, somehow it was not satisfying. I really want to get it shoulder-length. I am also thinking about getting some red or pink highlights. Any suggestions?

Thursday, October 16, 2008


so anyways like today i like went shopping and it was sooooooooooomuch fun!!!
i never knew it could be so much fun!! i bought like this awesome purse that was so cool you never would have known it only cost like ten dolllars plus did anybody know that you could get free hats at wal-mart shops?? and i ripped samples out of this awesome material at jcpenney, but then the security people shoved me out!!!?



has anybody ever heard that song? well if you haven't, you need to because

because its how i feel
if i feel

now i'm just off topic
but what i'm really

trying to say is that i need black nail polish
so i can paint the whole world black
plus my nails too

they need it more than anything

i was almost gettinghappy

now you know how much i reallyyyy need black
cause otherwise i get weird
i ran out...?

i'm running dry....

Sunday, October 12, 2008

ech o

god its so boring here. but anyways i am going to write a story to take up all the empty space.

once upon a time there was a pelican named frankbob. he lived in sydney, australia. because i love sydney. and so one day frank decided to go fishing. he caught a small bounty, and then took them to his pelican home, in that weird sails place that everyone seemed to like. he put them in a dish, but then he realized that he couldn't reach his fish because they were in a very shallow frying pan, don't ask why, and only a dog could reach them.

ok, i just got really bored with my story. got any ideas for finishing it?

Saturday, October 11, 2008


is there anybody out there....
who cares
about someone like me

i didn't think so

is there an echo in here?

yeah, that's my name, echo.

don't wear it out.

as if

so don't ever think your alone in an abyss

i'll always be there with you