Saturday, November 22, 2008


twilight was HORRIBLE. it totally ruined the feel i had going for the book. they totally messed up these characters:


and they messed up the following scenes:

edward swoops in w/ car
bella gets almost hit by car
(p.s. whats with all the cars?)
the meadow
the cullen's house, first sight
playing baseball, wouldn't the WOODEN BATS shatter??
edward wasn't strong or fast enough!!! :-P and he wasn't hot!!
and more!!!


Thursday, November 20, 2008


p.s. sonar i'm not ur gf, obviously but my name is echo...just btw. but i do love the maximum ride books, twilight, vamp beach, anime stuff, new moon eclipse breaking dawn and omg can't wait for midnight sun...if it's gunna come out at all, anyways. (and, lol, i <3 the enviornment and i've never had meat...odd, i know. but i'm NOT a hippie or whatever! i hate it when people make that assumption.) i didn't think any1 read my blog. so.......yeah. um whatever then


WE WON OUR SWIM MEET!! and i didn't come in last in any event!!!!

i did:

event 1, 2oo medley relay lane 4 i swum free and went last
event 7, 100 free lane 2 2nd heat
event 11, 400 free, i swum 100 free and went 3rd

so now i just finished my hw and am uber-tired, but WHOOP WHOOP!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

well, i'm back to my normal and depressed self.

i can't go to the roller rama 2nite with lucas (not that he asked me, i asked him) because i have swim. screw it.

not that it really matters because he's so shy...god he won't even say if he likes me!!! let alone kiss me or actually talk to me.

so my life is screwed. screw it!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


not only is my life mixed up rite now, but so are my personalities. they're even more mixed than usual. i try to keep track of them, and keep one dominant most of the time, but some of my happiness and some of my sadness are bleeding into one another and making me confused.

Anyways, I joined swim team (did I already mention that?) and I'm still doing it, which is a surprise. I feel chlorine-y and waterlogged. Not to ...mention... hungry and tired. Wow, I'm running out of vocabulary. Thus concludes today.
who am i kidding?

obviously myself.

but that's besides the point. i asked lucas out again. i know, yell at me, tell me what a pathetic loser i am cause i just won't give up. but.....

he said yes!!!

so now we're gunna go out, hopefully* soon, but our schedules are all mixed up so nothings for sure rite now...

*wow, weird isn't it?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

too sad to write a title

this is about .0001% of how bad i'm feeling right now

halloween news

btw again i am over lucas...opps...
anyways halloween was ok got sum candy went w/ 3 other friends we all watched nausica of the valley of the wind and fell asleep at the big battle scene at the very end. fun fun

btwaa...sorry about that weird paint it black post...i was feeling really depressed but now i am again ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhnooooooooo...

i need to go skiing.


oh, btw the day before the dance i got my hair cut short, now it looks like nausica's hair from that movie, and i got 2 purple sections. one has already faded, but the other is still rockan purple only people keep on thinking its blue

i wonder what my grandparents will think

oh, so much better

right. i asked this guy i lik--ed to the dance. he said yes and i was happy. but then an hour before the dance he came up to me and told me he couldn't go. little liar. he said sumthing about his parents not letting him...but later found out from my secret source that his parents didn't know anything about the dance. hes a coward cause my secret source was the one who told me 2 hours before the dance that he couldn't go, and my guy just came up to apologize only because my secret source told him to, cause my secret source is nice like that. he really cares about me, ive known him since we were kidz, but last year he got uber -creepy....but now hes getting better. a lot better

still! i don't like him like that! if i did ask him it would only be as a friend....