Sunday, November 8, 2009


yeah, so, it's 11-8-09, right?


so ive got my first swim practice tomorrow.
and guitar. so it will go: 6:50=wake up 8:22-3:04=school 3:35-4:10=homework/fb 4:30-5:15=guitar 5:30-7:00=swim 7:30-8:30=chill/fb 8:30---=star trek 10:00=bed!

so we traded rats, temporarily. thumbelina for thor.
thor bit me.
gushing blood, swollen finger.
poor thor.

probably going to go see paranormal activity. and it doesn't feel like 5:24 right now. it feels like 7.

so for exercise today i went to the park and played with robby and his little girlfriend. good clean? fun.

yesterday cody + david came over. stayed the night. this morning we met at a gas station as a halfway point with their dad and then went to quaker church. right now i want to stangle my parrot. we decorated plates and bags for the craft fair. child labor.

and i got my hair cut again. cute layers. not really the look i was going for, but its ok.

i want an ipod for xmas. everyone else is getting an ipod touch. but im getting a guitar. a blue strat fender. which is, admittedly, more than enuf. :-)

oh yea....and boys. xD so life.

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Sonar said...

heeyyyy!!!!! long time no speak eh? welll... im bored, and its dark out, and i felt like saying hey. and i feel like ive missed a lot... so meryy holidays and happenings. =]