Wednesday, December 10, 2008

exhilerating but it sux

so i am actually getting to like swim AND choir, but i am growing to hate piano all the more.

and i broke up with lucas.

here is a breakdown:
i went up to his locker.
ECHO: yo lucas i don't want to go out anymore.
LUCAS: ok.
ECHO: can we still be friends?
LUCAS: yeah, ok.
ECHO: thanx. bye.
i leave.

and i have piano 2nite, although i would rather go to swim practice. and tomorrow when would much rather go 2 the dance i have to go to a swim meet. i am going to miss all of the dances. so, in a nutshell, my life sux. and sum1 puked at the choir concert last night.

were we really that bad?

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