Monday, December 22, 2008

thank god

ok so my bestie and i had a sluuumber party at my house last night, great, but at like 5 she puked and she was moaning and i had to get up and then i slept in my bed for the rest of the night and she slept on the couch. thank GOD that we didn't decide to sleep in the living room, with our new carpet. and thank him even more that she was facing away from me and stuff. and thank him again and time again that she is feeling better and that she doesn't have to go back to her house, 40 minutes away cause we don't get a sleepover every time u know. yeah. and right now she's worried about looking emo cause she is wearing black eyeliner and mascara, so she didn't wear her shirt with black on it cause that would look over-done, apparently.

i didn't think it had enough.

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